As a blogger we know that there are some ways to monetize our blogs. Let’s say job review, content placement, affiliate programs, and Google AdSense (AdSense). But there is another way to monetize our blog that maybe unfamiliar for some of us, that is Google Ad Exchange (AdX).

It seems that not many of us know about AdX. My first acquintance with AdX was at “Earn More from Your Blog with Google Ad Monetization” workshop by  Blogger Perempuan Network on March 16 at CoHive, Plaza Kuningan, South Jakarta. Blogger Perempuan in Collaboration with ProPS . For your information, ProPS is a Google Channel Partner for Publisher that will help publisher to monetize their blog with AdX.

Mbak Ilona Juwita, Mbak Almazia from Blogger Perempuan Network, and me.

There are only 5 media sites in Indonesia authorized by Google to publish with AdX because the high traffic requirement is mandatory. What if we want to have AdX, but don’t have enough traffic? No worries, there is a way to use AdX at our sites by using ProPS program and start earning.

Here’s the confusion, what is the difference between AdSense and AdX?

ProPS’ CEO Mbak Ilona Juwita explain the differences between those two:

  • AdSense: Advertisers pay for each clicks by users on advertiser ads (pay per click).
  • AdX: Advertisers pay for every impressions of their ads (pay per impression).

Everyone can participate in AdSense, but AdX participation is more demanding as the minimum traffic requires 20 millions page views per month based on Google Analytics result.

CEO ProPS Mbak Ilona Juwita.

For blog owners with page views under 5 millions per month like us, we can participate in AdX with help of ProPS. One of the benefit of AdX with ProPS is we can draw our earning anytime and no minimum amount.

For your information, the following publishers have already benefit from using ProPS:

  • Hipwee
  • Female Daily
  • Mommies Daily
  • Guesehat
  • Bareksa
  • Boombastis

Mbak Ilona Juwita said if we want to participate in AdX, we can just ask ProPS for help. There will be an agreement between ProPS and blogger with mutual benefit. ProPS will helps us by monitor our ads to ensure we can earn money.

Mbak Ilona Juwita also said to maximize our AdX earnings, we must always maintain our blog to be in good performance. Some ways to maximize our blog performance:

  • Do not use too much plug in to gain more page responsiveness.
  • Choose right template, mobile look template is more preferable as more users browsing with their smartphone nowadays.
  • Proper Ads positioning on page can maximize earning potential.
  • Create global content to address global audience. Produce evergreen content and use English.

Create Google friendly contents could also make our page indexed faster by Google, it will boost our traffic significantly. Mbak Nuniek Utami from Blogger Perempuan Network also shared some tips to create Google friendly contents:

  • Write content based on current trend/hype.
  • Use appropriate headlines.
  • Use right keywords.
  • Use SEO technique.

Mbak Nunik Utami from Blogger Perempuan Network.

However, content is the king, so Mbak Nunik Utami also recommends to create good contents. Good content has these characteristics, thematic, informative, chronological, and offers solution.

We have come to the end part of this post. We already know about AdX and ProPS who can help us to join AdX program. But no pain no gain. We still have to manage our site performance and responsible to create good contents.

Endeus TV team.

Workshop was ended by Endeus TV team which shared Caesar Salak Salad and Tropical Smoothie recipes.

Caesar Salak Salad.

Tropical Smoothie.

Recipes can be seen below:

Thank you Blogger Perempuan Network and ProPS for inviting me to this workshop.

April Hamsa